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Hamburg Welcomes Alexander Zverev Home

Hamburg Welcomes Alexander Zverev Home

Alexander Zverev is back in Hamburg! The German No. 1 will return to the Rothenbaum tournament for the first time in three years and is already fired up for playing in front of his home crowd at the …

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Official tournament song „Invincible“ (Short Version) from DJ Kai Schwarz/B.U.B.A./Sesa feat. Christina Rotondo

Judy Murray as a star guest at the Hamburg European open



Hamburg is back in tennis fever! The podcast around the Hamburg European Open 2019. In the run-up to the tournament, Hamburg’s sports celebrities tell exciting stories about tennis at the Rothenbaum. But it’s not all about tennis alone – in conversation with Aron and Fynn, the guests also like to deviate from the topic and talk about themselves, their personal experiences and the sport in Hamburg.


Folge 0: Pilot

by Aron Binder, Fynn Riebesell, Robin Meyer, Olivia Binde

Folge 1: Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein - mit Kris von Revolverheld

by Aron Binder, Fynn Riebesell, Robin Meyer, Olivia Binde | Between dozens of guitars, records and keyboards, Aron and Fynn meet Kris. He tells how Roberto Blanco and punk rock were responsible for his love of tennis and made him a North German champion. The mood is exuberant, because the open-air tour of Revolverheld is already in full swing. "I love these days!"

Folge 2: Edles Parkett in edler Optik – mit Achmadschah Zazai von den Hamburg Towers

by Aron Binder, Fynn Riebesell, Robin Meyer, Olivia Binde | Aron and Fynn meet Achmadschah Zazai, captain of the Hamburg Towers, right under a basket of the edel-optics.de-Arena. A few weeks ago there was a state of emergency. Today, the ranks are empty and the ascent ceremony is still felt in the bones - but the anticipation of the new season surpasses everything else. "Cha Cha" tells which professional footballers he's dating on the tennis court during the summer break, with which Jérôme Boateng boasts in the social networks and which bet "Cha Cha" with Carina Witthöft has on the run.

Folge 3: Hochseefischen – mit Ex-St. Pauli-Profi Sami Allagui

by Aron Binder, Fynn Riebesell, Robin Meyer, Olivia Binde | 08 Bundesliga games and 159 second division games for Mainz, Hertha, Fürth and St. Pauli: In his last days at FC St. Pauli, Aron and Fynn meet football pro Sami Allagui. The enthusiastic hobby tennis player talks about the past season, his goals for the future and gives a clear challenge to Towers captain Achmajah Zazai. Allagui's fishing record is much better than that of Aron (four fish / seven beers) and Fynn (zero fish / zero beer) - and he also tells why in his nursery more pictures of Warhol as by Ronaldo or Zidane hung.

Folge 4: Kaffeepause am Strand – mit Beachvolleyball-Profi Lars Flüggen

by Aron Binder, Fynn Riebesell, Robin Meyer, Olivia Binde | Aron and Dann meet beach volleyball player Lars Flüggen with enough coffee. The weather is excellent and the beach volleyball World Championships on Rothenbaum is just around the corner - of course the mood can only be good. Lars Flüggen gives insights into his participation in the Olympics and tells how the most beautiful city in the world took him to Rio.

Folge 5: Elbschnack – mit Hockey-Legende Moritz Fürste

by Aron Binder, Fynn Riebesell, Robin Meyer, Olivia Binde | Right on the banks of the Elbe, Aron and Fynn meet one of the most successful athletes in Hamburg - the former hockey pro Moritz Fürste is two-time Olympic champion and world hockey player. With him they talk about Prince's life in India, the NFL, his tennis time with twin partner Mischa Zverev and his many years of experience at the Rothenbaum.

Folge 6: Fotoalbum mit Kindheitserinnerungen – mit Handball-Urgestein Stefan Schröder

by Aron Binder, Fynn Riebesell, Robin Meyer, Olivia Binde | Aron and Fynn make their way to Hamburg handball veteran Stefan Schröder with a photo album in their luggage. In his own living room, "Schrödi", including world champion and 49-time national player, tells of the ups and downs of his successful career, his biggest sin - and what he has in common with Michael Jordan and Michael Schumacher.

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